June 25, 2012

Subway Fashion Rules

Well, it's not the rules of NY subway, it's the lack of it - or, rather, the freedom of the fashion on subway. There's no, really, rules on how one should dress on public transportation in NYC. The other day, for example, I saw a 6'2" tall drag queen getting out of the bus on 23rd Street and 5th Ave. And on a day like "No Pants Day", you might see hundreds of people riding subway with, literally, no pants - including men and women. 

I see more and more young men do this hairstyle...What is this, are the "Crazy" and "West Side Story" days back?

What I like about my subway 'paths' is that I usually get to see how the whole fashionable 'nature' changes from stop to a stop. When I start my ride home in downtown of Manhattan (Wall Street area), the majority of my subway co-riders are dressed in suits, in very classic, conservative kind of way. As the train approaches the Union Square area (14th Street...), the passengers' fashion styles change from classy to casual and hip. And a ride between the Chelsea district (20s streets on the west side) and my stop in Hell's Kitchen, there is already quite a diverse group of people riding along, including hip gay crowd. Sometimes I forget that I have a magazine and/or a newspaper to read, I'll just watch the people. Quite amusing.
Tom's shoes, so popular with both women and men in New York.

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