June 08, 2012

Summer, Shorts & Movies In The Park

I'm back! For what seemed like an eternity for my readers - [shame on me, I haven't written my blog for more than two weeks! Ahh...] - it felt like one day for me.

How many of you are not loving the summer time? I love summers! I worship summers!

That's been my excuse for not being too much on the computer, but rather - being out and about enjoying the weather, sights and taking trips. [I'd be posting photos of two of the trips I've taken in the last three weeks - to Cape Cod, finally a dream came true, the place I wanted to visit for a while, and photos from the camping trip I've taken to Echo Rock Festival...]

All in all, New York City is finally getting to enjoy the summer with some - [of course] - humidity and looots of the outdoor activities. In particularly - and personally - I'm looking forward to enjoying the summer nights out in the parks around the city watching the movies (HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival and Movies in the Park at the Central Park), having picnics on the West Side river bank, biking and rollerblading and taking short trips upstate. The summer is here!

And you know what's coming with the summer time? Yes - the shorts: long, short, very short, mid-length, you name it!

Here's a thing, I do love shorts - on other people, but not so much on myself. I jealously look through Victoria Secret catalog, each time I receive it in the mail, in the section, where the 'angels' are modeling all kinds of shorts and I'm jealous! It looks so damn perfect on them, but not so much on many people I see on the streets. I do own a few pairs of shorts - my favorite ones are jean shorts with ripped trims that once in a while I take down 'for a stroll' somewhere in the country...Perhaps, I should some day venture out and wear them on the streets of NYC? I'll think about it...

I also applaud men, who wear shorts. I'm not gonna say that it becomes to everyone, but the fact that they do it - is a fashionable brevity on its own. Don't you think so?

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