June 20, 2012

The Working Girls: An Office Dress Code

Ah, braze yourself, dear New Yorkers. It's going to  be +36C (high 90s) degrees today, which means - it's all about being short, light, sleeveless and...sexy in a very professional way, of course.

That is, obviously, if your work environment permits you to do so. The good news is, even though some - [prudish as a Victorian] - industries, still require for their employees to wear suits and stockings, most companies have been embracing a more light policy on a summer dress code. Thank god for that!

Long ago are gone the times when women absolutely had to wear suits - [aside from a few business women on NYC's Wall Street, London's The City and Moscow's Presnensky district] - long dresses and stockings. Today's women seem to be free to embrace it all - from punk to preppy, from hippie to classy office styles... As you can see from the pictures, these women seem to be working in very different offices with very different dress code office policies, which are reflected in their morning attire  - and that's one of the reasons I love this city for. The diversity! 

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