July 01, 2012

Manhattan Riviera Beach Soirée: Benefiting Fashion For Autism. Part 1: Edwing D'Angelo Resort 2013

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend a fundraising event for Fashion For Autism organization that is being supported by Edwing D'Angelo, a NewYork based designer, who I first met last February during the Couture Fashion Week Fall 2012. 

D'Angelo's Fall 2012 collection was one of the best I saw during the fashion week and I took a note. I covered his collection on my blog, as well as posted a short video on my YouTube. It caught his attention and he wrote to me, thanking personally for covering his show and we became Twitter friends. 

Having been exposed to the fashion industry for a while now, I know that it doesn't happen often that a designer him/herself would follow up with the press and bloggers and keep in touch with them, but it's the case here. So, when the next opportunity came, Edwing sent me a personal invitation to attend his fashion show runaway, which he was doing as a fundraiser for Fashion For Autism, and, of course, I could neither say NO to the cause, nor to Edwing D'Angelo, as I was very curious to see his Resort 2013 collection, after being impressed by his very unique - [to the point of S&M inspired, ha!] - Fall 2012 collection.

Edwing D'Angelo's Resort 2013
So, here's my photo report from the show. This time around it was rather colorful, and very resort-y look to the collection. I especially liked the long white dresses, they were very exquisite and something that only a few women could pull off. I also liked the very-well figure tailored knee-high skirts... The men's outfits were rather interesting as well. (To watch a video from the show, click here.)

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