July 09, 2012

My Week In Heels: Why Do Women Love Heels?

Why do women love heels so much? What is it with the women and their heels? Of course, this statement - [and assumption that every women loves and wears heels] - neither applies to every single women, nor it applies to every single town/city. Since I've moved at least 15 times in my life and have visited and lived in more than 20 countries, I could attest that it's not the case. But as far as the New York City goes... it seems to be the case.

Well, yes, gentlemen, we do love our heels. Why? There are many answers to it...
Sometimes these heels kill us - kill our feet. We suffer a lot wearing them, but we still do. We walk the walk. We do the talk. 

The heels make us happy, no matter how much some of them might hurt us. Not a single designer was able yet to make the heels comfortable enough to wear them all day long without getting any pain. It's a fact. A few hours - maybe, but a few more hours - not in a life time. It would still hurt us at the end. BUT - we still wear them! Remember that conversation that Miranda and Steve had (The Sex And The City)? 
Miranda: “I had to walk all the way from the subway in these heels. My feet are killing me.” 
Steve: “Why didn’t you just carry them and wear sneakers like everyone else?” 
Miranda: “Stop. You can take me out of Manhattan but you can’t take me out of my shoes.” 
That's just how we feel... And, as much as you might deny it, dear men, you do love us in heels. The point is, we have the right to shoes, and we'll keep on practicing this right. Here's my week in heels...

How do you feel about heels?

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