July 23, 2012

The Orange Blues

What is it with the orange color that makes me so happy? 

They say, the warm colors, usually, make you feel very cozy and fuzzy inside. I completely agree with it, and there's no need for a psychologist to explain the concept of why certain colors make us feel 'this way', and other colors - 'that way'.

We all know that if we are surrounded by blue and white walls, we feel 'clean' and - 'cold'. And if we are in a room painted in orange and/or beige - we feel warm, as you'd feel on a beach with sun bathing your body. That explains, why I always feel 'cold' at a doctor's office, which is usually painted in 'cold colors' and why I feel so in sync at my yoga studio, which walls are painted in orange. I think it's one of the reason I gravitate towards wearing clothes in warm colors, although I do like my violet color outfits. What color makes you cozy?

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