August 02, 2012

A Grupee Effect: What's Your Attitude?

Yes, I'm now officially - a Grupee!

Well, let me explain something...

Just a few years ago I'd think twice about buying Diesel jeans and, especially, shoes. 

Not that they were known for the footwear anyway - up until just recently, when they started heavily investing in their 'internal' footwear designers and ended up making quite some good, stylish and very unique shoes - the detail of the shoes became their very Diesel signature look, often with the elements of - laces, S&M and metal add-ons... 

Diesel's redefined the brand, which came about to be as THE place to go for the most stylish jeans and for urban-style clothing and accessories. [I'm not even gonna talk about their watches, necklaces and eye-wear!]

Their approach to jeans has also changed. The jeans they've made in the past felt very heavy and sturdy on a body. They were not the most comfortable jeans on the market, and if it weren't for 7 For All Mankind and J. Brand jean brands, they might have gotten lost in the endless market of jeans forever. But those guys challenged them. When they stole most of their customers, they've woken up. 

7 For All Mankind and J. Brand offered jeans that were both soft and of a very stylish and sometimes - unique wash and make. 

But now that Diesel has caught up with its customer, I can't get enough of it. Although, I try to limit my Diesel rendezvous to once per quarter, and last weekend was that 'once per quarter' time, which ended up with: 

1. One pair of jeans from the latest Your Attitude collection - Yes, I'm now, officially, a Grupee! Of course, I wanted to buy all of the jeans they had, but the price range from $198 to $375 is not something that my bank account likes... [My most expensive Diesel jeans purchase was last June, when I got a pair of harem jeans from their limited jean collection in Italy, and they've totally lived up to every penny I spent on it - even when I wore them in Milan, the local fashionistas complemented me on them. Let's just say - they've paid their dues...]

2. One pair of Diesel pumps, which took me about an hour to choose from the other 5 pairs - [competing over a place on my home shoe-rack, ha!] -  of awesome, sexy shoes and boots I tried - Yes, I had to be wise and stay within my budget, sigh! 

And the winner is...

I even like Diesel for their in-store interior design and set-up... Just feels cool, you know.


And I'm craving for their bags too, waiting on the big sale!

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