August 15, 2012

I Want These & I Want Them NOW

I've been seriously obsessing over these 'booties' since the first sight of them. It takes a true sporty slash fashionista genius to design something that looks like sneakers slash running shoes slash high fashion boots.

Not sure if Isabel Marant had in mind the fact that once she designed these cuties, they'd be seen being worn around by celebrities and famous fashionistas - and not to a gym.

I pretty much check every day to see if Marant is ever going to have a sale for those booties, because their price is not something that is within my budget - at least, not yet. I was even very tempted to get the copycat of these booties last night at a shoe store in Williamsberg, NY. These are by Steven Madden, and the price is less biting - it's $149 vs. $475-700 for Isabel Marant ones...(By the way, they are on sale now at Net-a-Porter.)

I'm deep in thought of whether to get the copycats or not. It reminds me of a scene from The Sex And The City, when Samantha went shopping for fake Fendi bags in the valley (Los Angeles) and Carrie refused to buy them, because the bags looked 'sad' peeking out of a cheap car trunk...

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