August 10, 2012

I'm Feeling Pink Today!

Not in a million years I would have considered buying myself anything in pink color, not even lingerie. 

Pink color has always resonated with me as a 'Barbie doll' color. When I think of pink color, I think of Paris Hilton, and it's not the image that attracts me - [in comparison to, let's say, black color - when I think of black, I think of Donna Karan's cashmere classic, YSL sexy pantsuit, Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty, Carine Roitfeld's smoky eyeliner, Kate Moss' Hunter boots, Bvlgari Jasmin Noir, black caviar...) But then again, I've never considered wearing anything 'orange' either, but here I am - wearing something in orange every other day...

I guess, the color preferences change over time. I remember seeing my mom wearing only subtle colors of gray, black, blue, and brown and I remember asking her, why she is not wearing much color? She would respond: "When you grow up, you'd understand..." And I did.

I've been very much into black, brown, beige, blue colors myself in the past few years of my adult life - more than I've been when I was a kid. Parents have this privilege of blaming 'childhood' for dressing their kids in pink, orange, yellow colors - the brights - something that they'd never be able to do with adult kids. Well, I guess, after having succumbed to the orange color, I'm slowing entering the 'pink area', although, according to my immediate predictions - I still don't see myself wearing too much of pink, however, a 'hint of color' would never hurt any of us.

Here are my latest pink and coral purchases:

La Mer Collections Women's Coral Multi Wrap Watch
Nine West pink I Love Fury pump

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