August 03, 2012

My Travels: Day 1. In Preparation


Just a few more hours, just a few more hours, and I'm going to be on my way to the gorgeous Montauk. I know, it's not Corsica or Amalfi, but with the little we have on the East Coast, we truly take advantage of the beach and resort areas we have closer to the city.

So, I'll be blogging. Food? Yes! [Have I've mentioned that I'm a seafood fanatic?

Beach? Yes! I'm wondering if I'm going to see as many tattooed people in Montauk as I saw on a New Jersey beach two weekends ago... 

Sightseeing? You betcha!

Entertainment? Yes! And talking about the entertainment, I just found out that this weekend is: Montauk festival! So, yeah, I'll be posting, given there's WiFi available...

Let's just say, I'm having a very good Friday. The workflow flies like crazy, just because I have something pleasant to look forward to...And did I say that my cat, Chester, is coming with me this time? Yes, he sooooo is!

I've been also promised Spa, tennis lessons and much more... So, let's see what happens!

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