August 08, 2012

Olympics Fashion: From Vintage To High-Tech

I've been always a big, big, huge fan of Stella McCartney - from the very beginning of her fashion career, from her baby steps in the fashion industry. 

I remember how many people were skeptical about 'a daughter of the famous Beatle entering the fashion industry' - just as another 'kid from a famous family who has nothing better to do but to be in a fashion designer'. Well, she's proven them all wrong, hasn't she?
I, on the other hand, have never doubted her at all. Her very first clothes and footwear were like a breath of fresh air - very light, very European. Just what American fashion market needed! I instantly became a big fan of her very first perfume - STELLA - [even the bottle is so cool, so sleek and sexy!], which I bought just as it's launched and no one really knew yet about her becoming a perfume designer as well. [Not to mention the great respect I've always had for Sir Paul McCartney and his lovely wife Linda. I love how they are keeping her 'alive' through the website dedicated to her work as a photographer, musician, etc. - yes, she was not JUST the wife of Paul McCartney...]

I remember that it was back in 2005 and I bought STELLA just before my trip to Europe, where I was supposed to travel around France, Germany and Italy. It's, really, a habit of mine - [almost a tradition now] - to take with me a new perfume on a trip so that I could later associate this perfume with the beautiful memories of the trip once I'm back home. And it works every time. [Try it!] 

Seven years later, I still buy that exact perfume by Stella McCartney. Still wear it. Still love it. Still get tons of compliments. So, of course, when Stella McCartney decided to venture out and start designing sports clothes, I was sure that with her creative and very fashion-forward, fashion-aware touch, the sportswear will look amazing. And it does look amazing. That's why I wasn't surprised about McCartney's decision to design her very first Olympics collection, and it looks too sexy to 'play' around in it. I just want to jump the bar now...

Even though it took McCartney two years of planning, designing and perfecting: the Olympics sportswear has finally arrived! Yep, the world has just got its first ever glimpse of Stella McCartney’s exclusive Olympic designs for Team GB - [aka Great Britain]. Way to show your patriotism, Stella! Bravo!

Here's a sneak preview...

Andy Murray
Jack Rodwell
Jessica Ennis
Victoria Pendleton
Jack Rodwell
Sir Chris Hoy
Jessica Ennis

By the way, have I've mentioned that I'm absolutely loving Stella McCartney's Ornate Floral Print Barnes Dress ($1,755) from her new collection, not to mention the new ads that are featuring my favorite Natalia Vodianova.

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