August 01, 2012

Shoes I'm Loving Today: The Nordic Spirit

I don't know if it's the fact that there are just too many shoemakers in the world, or the fact that I just don't do enough of research to learn about the new ones, or, perhaps, it's the fact that - very little we hear about the international designers, who make shoes and who do not live in America. Especially, when it comes to someone who is not yet well-known to the fashion world, like Camilla Skovgaard, whose last name first told me that she must have been either: a) from Sweden or, b) related to the True Blood's actor Alexander SkarsgÄrd.

Skovgaard, actually, ended up to be from Denmark. I knew it! I knew it was one of those Scandinavia countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden... She even looks as cool as her shoes! When I grow up, I want to look just like her - she looks like a very cool, fun and edgy person to be around...

Either way, she is not from USA. She is European. And if you know a bit about the Nordic countries - almost everything, including fashion, is minimalistic. Think: IKEA, Ezteem, SAAB...

I've been always a big fan of 'nordic' minimalist style. It is very much my style - [yes, that's right, I called her shoes minimalist because it's the design of it that defines it, not the 'accessories' of a shoe]. Even the colors she uses are, for the most part, minimalistic - white, beige, black, and red.

I absolutely love the details of her shoes. They are explicit, but yet subtle. They are like a very good Art Deco-inspired furniture piece. It's all about the 'architecture' of a shoe, not the 'bling' of it. When I first saw Camilla Skovgaard's shoes, I truly fell in love with them. I'm now following her on Facebook. Even her Facebook page I find quite interesting - very mysterious, artsy, dark and...very Nordic.

I've just become a big fan of Skovgaard. Well, wouldn't you if you saw these...? Try to Google her and it'd blow up your mind!

And these are my favorites from her Spring/Summer 2012 collection:

Let's just say, I'm not looking forward to visiting Stockholm this month, just to see what other cool Nordic brands are out there... I'll keep you posted on my new finds!

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