August 17, 2012

The Countdown To Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Prep For Fabulousity

This photo I took the other day on the NYC subway reminds me that - the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is coming soon!

When the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week happens in the city, the city morphs into a truly exciting space - the wall street guys can not wait to get out of the office and go to Meatpacking, Chelsea and Soho restaurants and bars to see all the models hanging around. The city fashionistas can't wait to be finally wearing their sample sale designer clothes, shoes and accessories to fab 'after parties' to prove, once again, to everyone around and from the other parts of the world that NYC was, is and will always be the fashion center of the world. And, the aspiring fashion designers can not wait to see the works of the masters and get more inspiration for the year to come…

All in all - everyone is happy, especially the retail industry and the service areas - restaurants, bars and beauty salons that would see a jump in the visits from all the locals and foreigners who'd be seeking to look fab for the fashion week in town. Personally, I get the butterflies in my stomach when the Fashion Week arrives...

Naeem Khan's Spring 2012 fashion show @MBFW September 2011. Photo: Alisa Krutovsky
Oh, and there's one more thing not to miss - The Fashion's Night Out on September 6, 2012, founded by the notorious Editor-in-Chief of America's Vogue, Anna Wintour. Finally I get to wear my FNO shirt that I bought last year on!

This all-night shopping day bonanza is meant to support the local designers and help them promote and sale their collections. Across the city there will be multiple events happening in the designer stores - from celebrities DJing to sampling of fab appetizers and drinks. Click here for the event listing. 

Get in the groove, while you can. I've been there, I've seen it and I'm totally taking my new Custo Barcelona, CK and Diesel for a run around the town. My Canon and the zoom lens are waiting for their turn as well. Check out the wrap-up of my coverage from the previous year: 

Celebrity sightings during the Fashion Week, September 2011:
Robert Verdi @ Naemm Khan Spring 2012.
Misha Barton & Rachel Roy. For more celebrity sightings, click here.

The Runaway Shows & Behind-the-Scenes , September 2011:
Naeem Khan Spring 2012.
The after-show fashion: Skirts & Girls, Boys & Hats, and The Wrap-up.

Making the news: Guli & Boycott, Cancellation of Exclusivity.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 
Location: NYC

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