September 12, 2012

About Town: Stockholm's Men

When I was in Stockholm, I've noticed a certain trend or, rather - a style - in the way Swedish men were dressing. 

While in other cities, like Paris, London and New York, you can see men wearing flamboyant and/or patterned/bright clothes, in Stockholm that was not the case at all. 

Swedish men are rather reserved and 'dark' in the way they dress - usually opting for a very minimalist style, like anything in Sweden. I noticed men wearing a lot of jean shirts - a jean on jean look, dark jeans - gray, black, dark blue, dark shirts and dark pullovers in solid or dark stripes. 

I've also noticed that the footwear they were wearing was of only two kinds - lots of Converse keds and sneakers and/or ankle boots in a 'beaten-up' look (as if they were worn forever). Regardless of such a subtle style, I still appreciated the style of Swedish men. Most of them were still very, very stylish. 

I also really liked their hairdos - a lot of them had shoulder-length hair, tied in a bun and/or little pony-tale and for the short cuts, most had their hair swept in various forms and ways. 


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