September 13, 2012

Alexey Sorokin Spring 2013: Homo Consommatus


Yesterday I went to see Alexey Sorokin Spring 2013 fashion show that took place at the historic Pier 57. I talked about this Russian sensation, discovered by the NY-based fashion magazine Depesha, in my previous blog, and as I've anticipated, the show was incredible, but…too short. Meaning, according to my friends and the people sitting next to me on the first row - [yes, I had the best seats on the house!] - we all wished the show was a bit longer as it was visually very, very beautiful. Here's what I mean…

Unlike the many fashion shows I've seen in the past - as as of a regular standard - the way runaway shows happen is the models walk forward on the long podium towards the 'photo press' area blasting from the entrance of the stage towards to farther end of the podium and back. Sorokin's show was an exception to the rule that I haven't seen in the past, neither the elements that he's used in his show.

His models didn't walk the podium, but rather - the walked horizontally along the big screen that was featuring along the show the moving footage of the designs, models and special effects in the way as they were interacting with the models that were walking along the screen. I can only imagine what went into rehearsing this simultaneous moves of real vs. fictional (film screen) models…It was an incredibly surreal experience, but then again - it matched the 'theme' of the show - the HOMO CONSOMMATUS - a rather futuristic design of the clothes and shoes, which, by the way, I need to talk about separately as they were WOW, WOW, WOW…and you do know how I feel about the shoes, agh!

So, the models moved along the screen, accompanied by a great mix of the futuristic music beats, coming in and out of the shades and posing to reflect and respond to the movements of the screen. In those moments I felt belt for the people in the far end of the podium, because they didn't get to experience the whole effect that I did, sitting about 3 feet from the models…

And this is one of the reasons I've made more videos of the show than the photos - this was something one must see in action... See all of the videos here.

Sorokin's designs included the head-wear - or, rather head pieces - of a very interesting nature. The somehow looked like the ones that the mannequins had in the Prada's exhibition at the MET last summer. It was a full head over 'glove' that covered the head almost down the neck with very little openings for the eyes. In the combination with the incredibly particular, uneven cut, gold/silver, light/dark, puff/straight elements of the clothing designs, the headpieces worked very organic, as if we saw the models' faces, it would have taken away the futuristic - almost alien - feel of the designs.

It was a second show, organized by Depesha magazine for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, and I wish them much success and will be looking forward to how they might surprise us in February 2013 for the next Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. (P.S. And you thought I was the only one, who's noticed?)

Here are a few incredible looks from the collection:


 And Alexey Sorokin himself:

And, of course, couldn't omit my Black & White look for the show:

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