September 24, 2012

Denim On Denim Is Dandy


I like this quote about the denim-on-denim look: 
Denim on denim is dandy; but denim on denim on denim may very well be too much of a good thing. 
Yes, I know what you imagine when someone tells you: denim-on-denim...

You imagine the 80s - the all jean look blended-in. You imagine the 'crime' makers and the Life & Style's 'worst dressed lists'. You imagine the stonewashed jeans on jeans look, just as you imagine the pleaded shirts with the loafers, although, as separate garments, and if well combined with the right accessories and footwear - it could be quite dandy. 

But if the denim on denim look is so horrible, why then the trend setting cities like New York, London, Milan, Paris are being onto something with their denim-on-denim street and runaway fashion looks? 

It's because it's hot, and I'm not saying it because I, myself, have at least three jean long sleeve jean shirts, more than I'd want to say out-loud pairs of jeans - in all imaginable cuts, lengths and washes and at least a few denim dresses, skirts and even - denim lingerie…

Because denim is timeless! Denim will be always in style, so I call my denim possessions - timeless fashionable investments... 

 There's just a few rules you need to follow to make the most out of your denim experience - so that you don't look like Jay Leno and/or the then sweetheart couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake - what a disaster!  

Stockholm's denim on denim look...
New York City's denim on denim gal...(Source: Sartorialist)
London's denim on denim gal... (Source: Sartorialist)
Here's why these denim on denim looks look perfect:
  1. Mix lights and darks: Never, ever wear denim-on-denim in the same wash! It’s the cardinal rule from which all others follow. Pick a lighter colored jean shirt on top and a darker-washed denim for the bottom. 
  2. Complement in weight and wash: Pick sturdy denim all around - washes that come from the same family: vintage with vintage, clean with clean - you get the idea. Otherwise, you might as well just be on a Texan farm... 
  3. Roll it up: So, as you probably know by now, most often than any other time - denim is the basis for casual dressing. Wall Street professionals would be caught dead wearing denim, even on casual Fridays - [I've been just lucky myself...] That's because denim has been always considered a casual clothing item/look, however, that's about to change. Take a notice next time you are around other professionals and you might see a gal or two wearing a well tailored, well tucked in buttoned up jean shirt with a formal pair of pants in dark colors and/or with a long formal skirt. You might also see more and more people wearing a light jean jacket and/or shirt over a formal dress and/or blouse…The denim is slowly, but surely invading the office space. But this is if you are wearing separates and the denim is only there to complement your overall look, If you are wearing denim-on-denim - there should always be a certain sense of ease with jeans, don't tucked it all in. Roll up your sleeves, undo a couple of buttons (insert crisp white undershirt or ringer tee here) and relax. 
  4. Don't think ranch, think - Jardin des Tuileries: If you've always had an idea that the denim-on-denim look only works with…the cowboy boots and/or sneakers. Think twice. Think - stilettos, wedges, and…yes, Converse would do too, but leave out the cowboy boots. 
  5. No 'third wheel': Just as a 'three-some' group looks odd at a couple's event, denim on denim on denim looks as odd the same way. Just because you got used to the idea and the look of denim on denim, does not mean, you need to add more. From jackets to jeans to shirts and ties, pick two and call it a day. 
My favorite denim places: Uniqlo, Diesel, Urban Outfitters, Gap, and Zara... Denim on denim, if you haven't seen me for a while - is my latest obsession. This look is especially easy to pull and always saves a day, when you travel....

Germany, August 2012
Stockholm, August 2012
New York City, September 2012

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