September 17, 2012

In Stockholm: Nordic Minimalist Style

I'm not yet done with Stockholm. 

 Last month when I visited Stockholm, I spent all three days walking around the city, taking a boat cruise only once to reach the far islands of the city and to see the city from afar to enjoy the Old Town at the fullest.

One of those days I spent walking around the Stockholm's Sodermalm district, think of it as something close to New York City's SoHo + West Village. Before I went there, I've read in the guide that this district has flourished over the years with the design shops, fashion boutiques, art galleries, furniture stores, cafes, restaurants and what-not… I made it a mission to spend enough time exploring that area so that I could get the full vibe of the district, and I did. 

Aside from having already noticed that Swedish culture is all about the minimalism - the minimalism in everything, from interior designs of the offices and cafes to the way the local dressed and accessorized. Minimalism in everything, but in a very good, in a very stylish sense of minimalism that I've been a big fan of for a long time. I saw many stylish women and men on the streets of Stockholm and I took a note of what they wore with an anticipation to do some shopping and get at least one of the 'minimalism' things for my wardrobe. I managed to get lucky on the last day when I hit the Normalm part of the city (or, in translation - The City). Even though I was very tempted to get something of the local designers, like Hunky Dory (seriously, how can you resist these leather pants?) and/or Fillipa K, their prices were out of my range - [perhaps, some day! A girl can hope…] 

So, I visited both boutiques and large department stories like NK Man, Ahlens City, and Pub, but ended up finding what I was l looking for in small boutique stores. I got exactly the boots I spotted on the streets of Sodermalm - the ankle high brown leather bootie wedges that are definitely, now, one of my Fall wardrobe's favorite things… But, of course, I wanted those black leather boots with zippers and metal details so badly, but the price tag of about 600 Euros didn't really make me welcome…Oh, well, next time, perhaps! 

Oh, and, by the way, check out my next blogs because I'm going to be posting some cool minimalist design stuff from Stockholm: the interiors of various Stockholm's cafes, design shops, restaurants, shops, galleries, street corners, etc... 

And, of course, the boots I got by a Swedish designer, just like on that girl I shot on the streets of Sodermalm, only better - mine are leather, hers were suede...

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