September 11, 2012

Leonid Gurevich: Extreme Degree of Individuality & Uber Feminity

Last Sunday I attended a fashion show of my friend, a very talented designer, Leonid Gurevich. I was looking forward to seeing his Spring 2013 exquisite collection as he is one creative person.

I wrote before how he inspired me to design a necklace (from various materials' leftovers).

And he is like that - every time I see him, his personal style is worthy a copycat. You start asking him about the accessories, shoes and clothes he is wearing and what they are made of and the head starts to spin because what goes into the making is not something other people can even think of putting together, but he does. I simply adore him.
P.S. He seems to have a unique taste in everything, even when it comes to choosing a venue for his shows. This time his show took place at an old historic Jewish temple on the Low East Side, which was beautifully and very fashionably set up, as if we should have expected anything less from Leonid...

See the all model runaway walk here.

And a little bit of what I chose to wear to the show...(I'll talk more about it in the next post...)

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