September 19, 2012

Should Have, Could Have: Seasonal In-Transition

You can take the shoes away from a girl, but you can't take a girl away from the shoes…

It's that time of the year, when you force yourself to go through your shoe-racks with a goal to pick and choose, which shoes would stay for another month as the semi-warm weather still permits and those that absolutely must to go.

The ones that have to go would be the likes of espadrilles and wedges that you're used to hang onto so dearly during your getaways to the sandy beaches this last Summer that the memory of those long-gone beach days makes it harder to pack those shoes away.

September and October, thus, become the months when your outfits look very much 'in-transition' - you are still kinda wearing summery clothes, but at the same time - you are warming yourself up with some boots, socks and footless leggins. At least that's what's been happening with me for the last two weeks, and I kinda liked the way it looked, so I started wearing knee-high socks with all my dresses and skirts. It became the look I really like, even though I didn't plan it on purpose - it became very Carrie Bradshaw...

The time, when you have to go through your summer clothes, accessories and footwear, is really dreadful for most of us and for three reasons:
1) you need to wash, polish and pack away the shoes so that they would safely rest and wait for their light again in the next season - ahhh, who has the time for that?
2) you need to say goodbye to them and not see them for a long, long time, including the great summer memories of them being worn on your feet looking gorgeous against your summer tan and bright nail polish.
3) it takes both time, it takes a lot of time to do it right and it takes a lot of space in your already small apartment.
(If you can think of more reasons, why the moment of packing the summer shoes away can be dreadful, ping me and share with the rest of the readers.)

On the other hand, in return, you get to see and recall what Fall shoes you have, and I say so, because, believe it or not, it happens to the best of us - especially to the gals, who have quite a few pairs of shoes for each season - over the summer you forget what footwear you've been storing all this time since last Spring. I happened to be in a few situations, where I'd shop to update my next season's shoe wardrobe and would buy something exactly like the ones I already have from the last year. And then I would have to ignore my adoration for the new shoes and bring them back to the store because no matter how much you might want them, you have an exactly the same and/or very similar pair that still looks good and is still stylish. Of course, deep in my dream, I wish for the moment, where I can have a few boots in the same style, but that's another story and not for the girl living in Manhattan with all other expenses and temptations to take care of besides shoes.

So, that moment - the moment of shoe packing and unpacking - has arrived for me last weekend, when I sat myself in front of my shoe-racks and forced myself, while the summery sun was still shining through the windows of my apartment, began going over the shoes and select the ones that still stand a chance to be worn at least a few more times in the next two months and the ones that absolutely had to go.

And there they went - my favorite summer stilettos and some of the open-toe shoes, while I pulled out some of my Fall boots from the closet, making the shoe-racks looking very much 'in transition'.

In the meantime, no matter how hard you try not to think that the stilettos days are over - [yes, I don't believe in wearing stilettos, when it rains, snows and your body is covered with a long fur coat] - you can still dream of the ones that you should have, could have worn…

For me, those would include these two exceptionally gorgeous stilettos by Brian Atwood and Tom Ford.

Brian Atwood

Tom Ford
Besides those two designers being ones of my favorite designers, I also think they are very sexy themselves. I love what they are doing for the women. They are designing something that I'd wear every day, all day, always.

Ford's style is very much my style and Atwood's footwear is absolutely the sexiest. Both Ford's and Atwood's footwear make a woman's feet even more sexier, more desirable and at no expense for the comfort in comparison to the ones by Christian Louboutin, who makes the shoes either for very petite women (an 8-inch heal anyone?) or for a 5-min red carpet walk (who would last longer on those heals and in those arches?)…

As I said before, I believe in the footwear being 'user-friendly', because, what's then is the point of spending so much money on the shoes that you can't even wear?

Check out the last videos for both Brian Atwood and Tom Ford and see, what I mean, when I say they are two damn sexy designers, for yourselves…

Brian Atwood at his sexiest:

Tom Ford's Spring 2013 Collection:

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