September 14, 2012

Stockholm By Bike: The Nordic Biking Culture

I'm not yet done with Stockholm, or with Europe for that matter. Just because I've stayed in Stockholm for only three days, doesn't mean I didn't have enough time to shoot around the area and picture the local lifestyle.

I have quite a few photos to share, and for those you know me relatively intimately, know that I have a very special feeling towards biking.

I'm a biker myself - not one of those who do marathons or anything, but one of those who uses biking as a lifestyle - biking to work (I did it in LA, SF, and DC) and biking around the city on weekends (doing it now in NYC)…[Can't you guess by the name of my blog?]
So, everywhere I go, I notice the 'biking scene' and in Europe - there's a very rich, very active biking scene. For example, both Berlin and Stockholm are very bike-friendly cities - majority of the residents bike around, to and from work, to and from cafes, to and from shopping… 

 I was absolutely taken by the biking in both cities so much that I couldn't stop taking photos of both the bikes in moving and locked-up positions and the people who rode them. I even took a city bike for a spin around Berlin and spent about 7 hours biking around Berlin, which allowed me to see the city up close and personal and visit various cool, artsy, fashionable districts and landmarks on a short time vs. taking metro and/or bus or seeing it by foot. 

Here's a bit of the biking scene in Stockholm that I've captured last month:


Anonymous said...

Hi there, may I borrow a photo from here for a presentation where I am talking about my travel in Sweden? I am mostly talking about botany and horticulture, but I wanted to make some observations on how bike culture there differs from bike culture in Minneapolis, where I live.

Alisa Krutovsky said...

Of course, you may!:) Enjoy:)