September 02, 2012

Stockholm's FNO 2012: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Arrives in Stockholm

I swear, I haven't planned it this way, but it happened, and it happened perfectly. I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

On the day of my arrival to Stockholm, I've learned that it was the first day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm. And on August 29th, in the center of the city - or in one of the 14th districts, named Kungsholmen - the central part of Stockholm with the largest shopping district - the fashionable action was happening. Right there, on one of the central plazas of the city, there were tents set up for the fashion shows, next to the ones for the after-show parties...

While I didn't go to the runaway show - [the main purpose of my trip, after all, was to see the city, duhh...] - I did go to an after-party, which was by the invitation only...

I wouldn't say that that particular party could match the grandeur and fabulousity of the parties done in New York City during a fashion week, but nevertheless, it was still amusing to see and mingle with the crème de la crème of the fashion crowd in Stockholm, which, by the way, was very disappointing as well. I kinda hoped to see Elin Kling, the 'IT' girl of Stockholm, and the notorious Swedish street and high fashion blogger, but she has recently bought an apartment in NYC, where she spends most of her time now...So, most likely I'll be running into her during the New York's MBFW next week.

However, I did discover quite a few Swedish fashion labels that I really liked. I've liked the Nordic minimalist style for a while now and looked forward to coming to Stockholm to shop for the local fashionable items first-hand.

Here's my 5 favorite Swedish designers/labels:
They all have the same thing in common - the Nordic simplicity, which I love, just enough of the 'cuts, art works and accessories' to not overwhelm the overall garment.
  1. Cheap Monday
  2. Tiger of Sweden
  3. Hunky Dory
  4. Nowhere - which is, by far, one of my favorites among the Swedish labels.
  5. And last month I've discovered Camilla Skovgaard (thanks to
As I said before, no matter where the fashion happens, the 'home' of it and the power house of all the global fashion is in NYC, so sooner or later, all the fashionistas move to NYC. That's just how it is...

Here's my Stockholm's Fashion Night Out's purchases:

This is THEM...
This is ME in THEM...

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