October 26, 2012

Being Chick The Halloween Way

You might have not noticed, but it's almost Halloween time! As a matter of fact, since this year Halloween falls on a work day, most Halloween parties will be happening this weekend and I'm pretty much sure that most of you have already decided on your Halloween costume.

But you might be the only one organized at this point, some people take it to the last moment to come up with a costume and I know quite a few people who told me that they'll 'put it together' two hours before a party...

Hmmm, that makes me nervous, because I'm actually going with these people to the Halloween parties and I'd really prefer that they wear costumes as well. So, for those ladies-procrastinators, here are some Halloween-inspired items that you can work into your wardrobe (and home), courtesy of Rachel Zoe.

Be chick for the treat-or-trick!

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