October 16, 2012

Chanel Meets Brad Pitt: Can It Get Any More Hotter?

It's getting hot in here...

There are a few people out there, who are still not sure how to feel about the recent Chanel ad that features Brad Pitt.

Karl Lagerfeld  has been in quite some news lately, for doing the things that are way too different from the others, including saying the things that were rather shocking to a lot of people, like "Models are not that skinny, anorexic girls are over in France..." or "Elle nous montre qu'elle a une chute de reins aussi charmante que celle de sa sour," which stands for "Kate Middleton has a bottom as lovely as her sister's."

I don't know Lagerfeld personally, but I do know his work. I've always admired his work - there's quite some exquisite feel to it that no other younger designers can do nowadays. He is from the talented 'pack of wolves', like YSL and Oscar de la Renta.

He just knows how to use the medium very wisely. He knows the social media very well - [one of the things I always notice!] And he definitely knows how to perplex the public. 

That's said, I'm sure Lagerfeld had a vision behind this video and a point to make. Would we know what was the point or not? Perhaps, not. But who cares about that if it's an ad featuring a perfume and a sex idol? I don't...

My other favorite  by Chanel is... ROUGE COCO advertising film from 2009 "Rouge Coco" by Jean-Baptiste Mondino with Vanessa Paradis (Source: © CHANEL 2009 Music: "Daydream," written by John Sebastian, performed by Vanessa Paradis).

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