October 22, 2012

The Wedge Sneakers: Is The Trend Here To Stay?

You'll tell me. 

The first time I saw these sneakers-wedges, I instantly felt the need to have them. 

First of all, I love sneakers. I can't get enough of sneakers. I wear my sneakers to the point of them falling apart, which reminds me, it's time for me to get new Converse and I'm eying the classic white ones.

I don't know what Isabel Marant was thinking, when she designed these sneaker-wedges, but the fact that it took the country - [and the world, for that matter] - by storm is pretty amazing.

Did we need another style of sneakers amidst thousands of already existing ones? Probably not.

Did we need to bring the coolness and style to the sneakers? We, probably, did...And this is exactly what Marant did - she brought the sexy sneaker back! 

I'm sorry to say that I do not remember the name of the store, where I got my sneakers, I got those in  Stockholm last August and they are made in Italy. That's said, you can have them too. Here are just a few stores, which sell this kind of sneakers - the replicas of Isabel Marant ones:
  • Rebecca Taylor: "Isa" sneakers, $295 at Rebecca Taylor, 34 Gansevoort Street 
  • Olsenboye: "Tracker" sneakers, $45, at JCPenney, 100 W. 32rd Street 
  • Modern Vice Collection: "Mickie" sneakers, $250, at Infinity Shoes, 687 Broadway 
  • ALDO: "Sen" sneakers, $100, at 27 W. 34th Street 
  • Monika Chiang: "Artemys" sneakers, $385, at Monica Chiang, 125 Wooster Street 
  • Steve Madden: "Hilight" sneakers, $150, at piperlime.com  

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