November 15, 2012

Introducing Design...In Everything

Have you been noticing, how slowly, but surely I've been introducing a bit of design to my blog - from interior and architectural design to print and gadget design? 

I've been always interested in design and I don't consider one aspect of it - [e.g. fashion design] - to be complete without any other designs in other areas of life, because, as Armani once responded to the question "What inspires you?": "I just open my window - [his house is in the Tuscany region of Italy] - and everything that I see outside my window inspires me..." I couldn't agree more!
 Hence, the next time you like a dress and/or shoes, it might have been inspired by a furniture piece and/or by a landscape design outside the designer's house window! I get inspired on a daily basis - from an interesting piece of furniture I pass in a restaurant and a crafty design of my drink to a look of the night sky right after storm... There's design in everything. One just need to open the mind to it.

In particular, I've been fascinated with the interior designs and architectural designs since as long as I can remember myself. I notice the buildings and the interiors of shops, restaurants, and hotels when I travel. I definitely notice a good design style and/or a piece of furniture/decor when I visit someone's house for the first time. I notice. And I either love it or hate it, but, nevertheless, I notice it. 

Back in the days, when I was a young adult, I used to subscribe to the Russian magazine "kAk", dedicated to the graphic design, and when I just started to study Graphic Design at the university. Lately, I've been inspired by some of the pieces I'd find at the flea market/second hand stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles. There's just design in everything - someone has designed that lip balm you are using, someone has designed the coffee mug you're having your daily coffee in, someone has designed the earplugs you're using for your music... So, instead of keeping it all to myself - [why not share the good stuff?] - I'd be sharing with you some interesting finds and designs that inspire and fascinate me, and it'd be up to you to either agree with me or not.

Here's one: Hotel Refugia, ChiloƩ, Chile

Drawn up by contemporary Chilean practice Mobil Arquitetos, the modern retreat borrows more than a few tricks from a Chilote population famed for their carpentry skills. 

Or this Bar & Co in Helsinki, Finland, how about that for an interior design? 

And this is sooooo, how I'd like my cozy living room to look: Fazenda Nova in Tavira, Portugal. 

Or the countryside bedroom: Fazenda Nova in Tavira, Portugal 

A cool perspective from La Suite West, London, UK - reminds me a bit of W Hotels in USA... 

Or this state-of-art bathroom from Vander Urbani Resort, Ljubljana, Slovenia - I wouldn't mind taking a bath here...

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