November 12, 2012

Leathering Up By Valentino... And More Leather!

I must say, I do love leather. I'm becoming quite a fan of leather pants, leather skirts, leather dresses and everything in between, by which I mean - clothes with leather detailing. 

Of course, depends on the quality of the leather, some leather outfits can be a nightmare to wear, because of its heaviness and inflexibility. But with the right leather and form, it's a rather good material to mask all the imperfections, because it does make you look slim-er, tall-er, and sexy-er...

A leather outfit just gives you the power of a cat-woman! That's said, what do you think about this one-piece - long leather jumpsuit by Valentino? 

It's dark, it's sophisticated, it's sleek, it's undeniably very...stylish. A catwoman would have said meow to it! But, at the same time, it might be a bit too much even for the New York City working women.

Here are the leather pieces I'm loving this season: 

An H&M leather dress: (got it last weekend, and totally loving it!...) 

Stretch Leather Pants from Zara: to view and purchase, click here.

Dash Tank from AllSaints: to view and purchase, click here.

Staring at Stars Faux Leather Sleeve Surplus Jacket  from Urban Outfitters.

MEN ITALIAN LEATHER GARSON BELT from Uniqlo (ladies, man's belts are sometimes much better than woman's!)

Pants from Joe Fresh:

And more from Zara: there are a few more pieces that I absolutely love:

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