November 21, 2012

Pulling A Brave Act: Exceptional Extravagance

I took this picture at the Designers & Books Fair 2012 last month. It was a two-day event, during which the visitors could meet top designers, fashion/design magazine editors and book publishers up close and personal. [I love the F.I.T. events and try not to miss it, if I can!]

These two ladies were hanging out in the book fair pavilion. I still don't know if they were the presenters - designers, writers, etc. - or the visitors. Either way, they've caught my attention, and, most likely, I wasn't the only one who has noticed them.
I always admire people who can just pull something as 'strange' to it's considered to the main belief as these women. We, in general, have a tendency to 'hide' in our clothes, instead of bringing our persona out. I'm guilty of it myself.

I feel more comfortable in black/dark clothes than in clothes that are bright and have the statement-making details. Once in a while, I'd pull off a brave act, but rarely it happens as often as with the other people, who seem to be more open to experiment with the colors, textures, and patterns that are usually not even part of your wardrobe.Let's just say - I'm more comfortable with the statement jewelry than with the statement clothes and shoes, where I tend to stay on a safer side - being more conservative. [Again, never say never, like with these boots I got and, which, every time I wear, get a lot of attention].

Only a few people nowadays are brave enough to wear something that is as crazy artistic and extravagant as these polka dot outfit with square long head-wear - and, of course, it happens more often in the cities that are known for its extravagant and diverse fashion scene, like Milan, Paris, NYC...

These two ladies definitely stood out and became a fixture of the Designers & Books Fair scene. I can only name a few brave, grotesque women in the history of fashion and social scenes who were known for their over-the-top fashion styles. These were - and will always be the beautiful exceptions we'd remember them by - Diane Pernet, Diana Vreeland, Anna Piaggi and Isabella Blow. I seriously applaud to these women for their fierce style and attitude!

Isabella Blow, 1958-2007, who discovered Alexander McQueen and later became his true friend, confidant and muse.

If you have anyone else to add to this list, please do!

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