November 13, 2012

Sultry, Dark: AllSaints' AW12 collection

I love this UK brand - All Saints. And what more I love about them is their secret sale - bonanza!

Of course, I can't afford most of it, but once in a while - or, rather, once in a blue, they do this insane sale, where everything goes 60-80% off and you can easily spend a thousand or more dollars on it without even noticing because absolutely everything they have is awesome - from bottoms to tops, accessories and shoes.

Of course, you've got to know, where they do this urban legend - sales and most often - no one really knows, unless, you are just a damn lucky fashionista who happens to walk by... They don't advertise it ever, they never talk about it at their stories - their sales people act like some kind of partisans, who won't say, where, when, how this sale happens. They only smile at you and decline to answer the question.

However, there's one thing you can do. Last time I visited their store in the Meatpacking district, they told me that they do let the subscribers of their newsletter know about the sales. Let's just hope they are not lying, because it's one thing to subscribe to the letter that shoots awesome stuff you can't afford to your mail box every day, it's another thing - to tolerate THAT and the possibility that it's all you are going to ever get from them ... So, I've subscribed!

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