November 28, 2012

Why Do Bikes Have To Be This Sexy?

Why do bikes have to be this sexy?

These Rizoma 77/011 bikes make me rethink my main mode of transport nowadays. Even though, whoever knows me very well - [oh, better yet, who even saw me doing it] - knows well that I love biking and I love my mountain bike. Whenever I lived in a relatively bike-friendly city, I'd use bike as my main mode of transport - I did it in Washington, DC and I even did it in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where it was believed that biking is a rare form of extreme adventure in the midst of people and other ways of transportation that are not being particularly nice to the bikers.

So, anything that is about the bike industry - I notice, especially, when it's so damn sexy. Just look at it!

I'm so loving the sleek design of this Razoma. And, wait, it gets even better!

I see more and more designers are paying attention to the bike industry - from designing cool attire and gadgets to designing the actual bikes. And, of course, it had to come from the Italians. Aren't they the ones inventing Vespa? Another one of my favorites...

With the number of growing urban bicyclists, it's not surprising designers are paying more attention to design and functionality that plays well inside the urban jungle. Unfortunately, this 'jungle' is too much of the jungle in NYC, where even a not-so-looking bike becomes even more so not looking in a short period of time, not to mention the fact that stealing bikes is still one of the most often happening crimes in the city and its suburbs. 

One of the other cool things about this sleek bike happens to be also the most unique feature of it - it's switching from a single speed fixed wheel to a fixed-gear. All this through an ingenious rear wheel equipped with two pulleys to freely choose from.

Should I even mention the fact that this bike model is my style - or, in other words - it abides to the minimalist style that I really admire. 

The deceptively minimalist aesthetic belies the technology. Look at how the frame curvature makes the bike seem as if it’s always in motion. Everything around it is adjustable. The simplest feature on the bike is the belt drive. The not so simple thing to do is deciding on white or black. 

If I were living in Brugges and/or Stockholm - of some sort, I'd go with the white. It somehow makes the bike larger than life. But in my very particular case, I can now only admire it from far....

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