December 25, 2012

In Germany: My Daily Inspiration - Frische Champignons

Funny, how I haven't noticed the fried mushrooms at the Christmas market back in 2005, when I last visited Germany on Christmas. 

Now that I've discovered it and indulged in it quite often in the last two weeks, I can't, really, call the Kartoffelpuffers dish my favorite Weinahtsmarkt food. It is now - the Frische Champignons! 

Frische Champignons mit Knoblauchsauce
Interestingly enough, my parents weren't aware of it as well. When I mentioned to my mom that I've tried the fried champignons at the market in Gottingen, she was surprised and asked me: "How can you enjoy champignons, they don't even have the taste?!"
Well, yes, they don't, if you cook them plainly. However, with the right combination of spices and cooking with the onion makes such a difference! Sautéed mushrooms served with onions, peppers and usually with a creamy herb sauce over it. They are unbelievably tasty, hence, to have them the right way - with the right sauce, I had to learn quite quickly the three kinds of the sauces the local mushroom cooks were offering, because not many sellers at the Christmas market speak English... Even though they are called "fried" or frische champignons, they are not really fried, but rather - sautéed in oil, onions and parsley. 

The three sauces are: 

  1. Kräuter - it's a herbs mix of light Quark and Krauter (light plain thick yogurt mixed with herbs). Quark/yougurt is very different from the American sour cream, which does not have any taste due to no fat in it...the dairy products in Germany go as high as 33% fat) 
  2. Knoblauchsauce - kind of creamy, thick garlic sauce - (to die for! and my favorite!)
  3. Kräuterbrot - haven't tried it, but it's a 'bread-y' herb sauce, made out of bread...

The price for a plate of fried mushrooms varies from 3.50 Euros to 4 Euros, while a bratwurst is 3-3.50 Euros.

Here's a good recipe I came about, it sounds pretty correct to me.

Frische Champignons mit Kräuter

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