December 17, 2012

In Germany: My Daily Inspiration - Kartoffelpuffers

I'm in Germany right now to visit my family for Christmas, so most of my blogs will be about the happy holiday Christmas time in Germany - from foods I love and miss when back in USA to street fashion and German lifestyle. I'd like to start with the Christmas Market, or, as the Germans call it - Weihnachtsmarkt. It's one of the things I miss about Europe...

So, the things we eat at Weihnachtsmarkt: The Kartoffelpuffers...

Kartoffel puffers from Gottingen's Christmas Marke
The Kartoffel Puffers, or - the potato pancakes - the dish that is one of the most prominent foods of the German Christmas Market! As simple as it sounds, it's not as simple to make at home. I've tried it many times as this dish is a rather common dish in my culture, but I could never master it up. I came to the conclusion that the potato pancakes require to be cooked in the boiling oil and not on a skillet...
While they might look the same at all the Christmas markets in Germany, their tastes differ. I've tried the potato pancakes in Dortmund, Frankfurt, Kassel and Gottingen - and all of them had a slightly different taste and degree to which it's cooked - how golden they get them.

Kartoffelpuffers are served either with the apple sauce (Apfel sauce) and/or sauerkraut, but the apple sauce is most common.

Here are a few recipes I found online, as I do not brave to give you my family's recipe, because while my mom makes them well enough, I gave up making them myself because they just do not cook well with me.

  • For German Food recipe, click here.
  • For recipe, click here.
  • For recipe, click here. (I'd trust this recipe, because the Kartoffel puffers are believed to be a Bavarian dish.)
  • For recipe, click here.
  • And here's a very interesting take on making the Kartoffelpuffers from a German woman, who remembers it as a child growing up in wartime (WWII) Neuburg an der Donau, with a nice visualization of the cooking steps. Click here.
More German Christmas foods to come!

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