December 24, 2012

In Germany: My Daily Inspiration - Apfelkuchen And Other Hot Drinks

Yesterday I tried Apfelkuchen - a delicious and relatively contemporary addition to the Christmas market's expanding drink selection in Germany.

Warmer Apfelkuchen translates to "warm apple pie". It consists of mostly Mulled Cider, which is essentially spiced and heated apple juice, a traditional and tasty seasonal drink that is usually non-alcoholic. With the addition of a liberal amount of Zubrovka bison-grass vodka (a sweet Polish vodka with a flavor similar to apple) the beverage becomes a Warmer Apfelkuchen.

However, after trying hot white cocoa with Baileys, hot cocoa with Rum, Weisswein (a white wine copy of Glühwein) and Apfelkuchen, I still prefer a good old Glühwein. Here's why it's so good and so popular in Germany. But there's just so much more to try!...

Hot cocoa with Rum and Bailey's (they can add as much and variety of alcohol as you want)
I thought by the time I'll be leaving Germany, I'd try everything on the menu, but it turns out that I couldn't resist Glühwein, so now I have to come back next year and try Feuerzangenbowle and Warmer Met drinks.

Glühwein: hot mulled red wine with spices.
Hot white cocoa with Bailey.
Weisswein (a copy of gluhwein, only made from white wine - same preparation and spices)

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