December 06, 2012

WeWOOD: The Most Raved-About Eco Gift of 2012

You might know them or, most likely, you are like myself - you've just learned about them from me!

Last week I told you about one of my greatest finds - the Ethical Ocean organization, which team does cease to amaze me with their philanthropic and green events and Eco-friendly products that they seem to just naturally find. I haven't heard about any of them before Ethical Ocean told me about it via their awesome visual and compelling newsletters that I can't stop myself from clicking. They are true pioneers when it comes to introducing great stuff. And by great stuff - I mean these both beautiful and practical products that are as appealing physically as they are mentally - all of these eco-friendly, environmental and green companies they talk about in their newsletters don't just sell their products, they contribute to the environment by either donating portion of the proceeds for some kind of important cause or the process of the making a product itself is already a thing that helps either an environmentally challenged area in the world. I truly love what they do and you'll be hearing me talk more about it as I stumble over some more great stuff from them.

Today, I've learned about another awesome product from them - the WeWood watches. I love watches as much as I love shoes. I have, maybe, five pairs of watches and I'm always tempted to get another pair - but not just any pair. Something unique. Something odd - in a good sense of the word. Something - as practical and enduring, as visually attractive.

In this particular case, I love both men and women watches by WeWood. My favorite is this one, Jupiter in Army Green: You can buy it here.

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