January 17, 2013

Grace: A Memoir

Even though the winter holidays are over, it doesn't mean that they have left you without the gifts that keep on giving...

In my case, when the New Year's celebration is over, it's not yet long away from my third favorite day in winter - my birthday, which happens to fall on the same day with Martin Luther King and the Greek shipping tycoon, Aristotle Onassis. It also happens to be the hardest season for my parents, who've been having a hard time finding the presents for all three special days - Christmas, New Year's and my birthday.

As I grew older, I made it much easier on them, because now I do not expect 'Santa' to guess what I want for Christmas, but rather tell them what I want. This is what happened and this time around - all I wanted for my birthday is a book by Grace Coddington "Grace: A Memoir" and - [I'm one of those dinosaurs who still collects the DVDs!] - the first season of "Girls", which I kept missing on HBO last year for two reasons: 

1. I don't have HBO, but...
2. ...my boyfriend does and has no intentions of watching it with me...

...which is understandable, so, I can now watch it at my apartment in the company of me, myself and...my cat.

If you don't know who Grace Goddington is, you might re-think your interest in fashion altogether, because she is THE figure behind all the main fashion photo-shoots at America's Vogue! She might be the only one down at Conde Nast, who knows how to push the buttons of Anna Wintour. Read more here.

I really adore Goddington, whose been a creative director at Vogue as long as Anna Wintour - since the 80s. She did some of the best fashion spreads for Vogue.

You can see how cool Grace is, so well pictured in the documentary "September Issue". You can buy the book here. Read the reviews by New York Times here and by The Huffington Post here.

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