February 21, 2013

24 Shoes, 24 Places: And much more from Museum at FIT

Shoe Obsession exhibition and tour at Museum at FIT: February 8 through April 13, 2013.

I keep telling you guys that if you live in New York - an ultimate city that offers everything for every interest: from great chefs and artists to fashion designers and financial moguls, you can never be bored.

No one can possibly be ever bored in New York City - one of the reasons thousands of people come to the city every year to live, work and - most of the time, stay! This is why the rents are high, the restaurants - even with the thousands of them available - have waiting lists, the subway is over-crowded, and the museums charge entrance fees. [Unlike, say, most of the museums in Washington, DC that are free to the public!]

So, you have no excuse saying that you are bored in the city and claim that you've seen and done it all, because it's absolutely impossible. Here's just a tiny portion of how you can acquint yourself with fashion, design and art, while meeting best of the best of them.

Getting Fashionably Educated: The worldwide creative minds of Museum at FIT

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