February 20, 2013

Diesel: I Like Them Black And Gold

Just want to say Hi. Hiiiiiii!

I’ve been so consumed by my Graphic Design classes that I've been lately very non-fashionably ignorant. But hope to be back very soon!

Strangely enough - [and very unlike me] - this winter I've realized that I can live on one pair of jeans, one pair of leather stretched pants, knee high boots and two long bulky sweaters. I've been practically living in them, having no regret whatsoever to change into anything else except for a few special occasions - the New Year Eve in Buenos Aires and my birthday on January 15th and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (February 8-14, 2013). The rest of the time, I've been like a hermit, running around New York City, dressed in head-to-toe black, pretty much unnoticeable by the society, hiding at night in warm sweats and thermal socks at home or at the book stores, wearing my UGGs.

My UGGs keep on giving...
See you soon, but for now, check out the new Diesel Autumn/Winter 13/14 ad. Something to look forward to in the Spring, right? I think so...

But my attitude to Diesel brand wasn't the same just a few years ago. 

Diesel has gotten so much better in the last few years - the jeans style and quality of the jeans material/denim have improved drastically, so much that I've become a great fun of the brand now. 

It basically happened overnight for me when after a long time avoiding the Diesel stores - [their jeans used to be so hard and heavy and not flexible/stretchable at all] - I've decided to finally stop by their 5th Avenue store in NYC in June 2010. 

It was a completely out-of-curiosity window shopping urge. And I've been hooked since. 

I found a pair of ones of the best jeans in the harem-pant style - [yes, I still like the harem style, even though many people wish it'd go away] - with the softest denim material ever. And not only it happened to be their limited edition from Italy, but it also happened to be one of the most expensive jeans in the store! "Lucky" me! Every time I choose something out of the many choices, it always happens to be one of the most expensive ones...

Diesel has been offering limited editions that once you buy, it's pretty much a sure thing that you'd be one of the few to wear it because they do not replicate the same jeans from the limited collections. As for how to know it's their Italian limited collection - [known for very good quality of the jeans] - look on either inside or outside the belt area in the back which would have three lines - green, white and red - as in the Italian flag. This would be a sign that it's their limited edition of jeans from Italy.

So now, at least once in two years, I'll refresh my wardrobe with a new pair of jeans. They have insane collections now! Even more, they now make sexiest 'sporty' footwear, accessories and clothes! I basically wanted to get every single bag from their Spring 2012 collection!

However, as for now, I'll stick to my Diesel's light-blue Grupees, that I bought last July and which I 'winter-proofed' by taking it to Vermont for a skiing weekend and seeing if they'd work as well in the -15C weather as they did in the summer. 

They did!

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