February 01, 2013

Introducing My FOSI Discoveries: Funny, Odd, Shocking, & Inspiring

I don't know about you, but I'm being inspired by something and/or someone on a daily basis. All it takes is to look around and you might see something that would either inspire your heart and/or your mind. 

Yes, I do get it that the chances of finding and/or coming across the 'inspirational stuff'' in a small town like Waco, TX are much lower than coming across something funny, odd, shocking and inspiring - [or as I call it - FOSI] - in  New York. Yes, I get it!

Living in New York City, definitely, has its advantages - the city is so diverse in pretty much everything that it doesn't take much time or travel to be inspired. You can walk out of your apartment and bump into some fashionista - the chances it'd happen are pretty high.

I get inspired every day. It could be a window decoration of a store and/or an individual's personal fashion style, who might have passed you on a subway platform. To make my point short, no matter how long I've been living in New York, I still get inspired by it. 

For example, I stopped by a local Urban Outfitters store to check out their holiday sales and, while at the store, I always check out their selection of non-clothing/non-footwear/non-accessories goodies, because whoever is doing their buying for the stores is an insanely creative person. 

The things they choose to sell at the store are absolutely quirky, weird, strange and so appealing to the inner funky yourself that you just want to get it all, no matter if you need it or not. The other day I came across their selection of the book series "Dirty...". I started looking through them and couldn't get enough. The phrases they choose to translate are... insanely funny!

They 'file' these goodies under Apartment items. You can, literally, get lost in them and forget what you came to the store for in the first place.

And since The Valentine's Day is around the corner, check out to see the cool sexy 'love' stuff that might inspire you with the ideas for your Valentine's gift. I'm thinking myself to get something...but schschsch, don't tell my boyfriend about it!

Share your recent inspirations! I'm very curious what/who they are...

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