February 05, 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Fall 2013: The Russians Are Coming!

Yes, it's happening again. Surprisingly enough, the time flew by so quickly from the last Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that took place in September 2012 that it feels like it's just happened yesterday. But, nope, this time it's the fashion shows showcasing the Fall 2013 collections! Can you imagine - the Fall 2013, which is, like, seven months away?! Do you know why the fashion shows always feature the collections at least two seasons in advance?
It's because most of it is for the store buyers and fashion magazines, the planning of which - the content and store assortment - takes months in advance. That is why, when you usually get to read, say, an interview with some celebrity who's pregnant way after she gives birth, because she was interviewed months before the issue featuring her comes out. [I've just given an actual example from my February's Elle issue that features Claire Danes in her 'pregnant' condition - at the time of the interview she was pregnant - but as I read it now, she's already given birth to her son almost two months ago...

Either way, I, personally, love New York City during the fashion weeks because the buzz of everything that involves fashion is in the air - the crowds become more fashion-conscious and they just bring a certain 'mood' to the city. So, let's get ready?

Last year I went to see the show from an up and coming Russian fashion designer Alexey Sorokin, so it feels pretty natural to me to start the fashion week in February 2013 with seeing and getting to know the works of the new to New York fashion scene Russian designers, the names of some of whom I'm hearing for the first time - which makes it even more exciting. I'm looking forward to the surprise.

Organized by DEPESHA magazine and Consulate General of the Russian Federation in New York, the event is featuring original works by established and emerging Russian fashion designers, photographers and stylists.

Yes, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is back on - and I can't wait to see, what the fashion designers from around the world are suggesting for us to wear in the Fall 2013 

Last year I even happened to catch a glimpse of the Fashion Week in Stockholm, and then I came back to NYC in the early September, 2012 and caught up with the NY Fashion Week! Quite an interesting contrast! 

I got to see a rather interesting fashion show, featuring a Russian fashion designer, Alexey Sorokin. You can read about the show here. Here's a my video of it:

More here.

So, my Mercedes Benz Fashion Week starts off with the Russian Fashion Industry Reception at the Russian Consulate that will showcase pieces from some of the best modern Russian designers: Pirosmani by Jenya Malygina, Serguei TeplovVardoui NazarianDmitry Loginov/ARSENICUMTegin, BEssARION, ArngoldtIrina Shaposhnikova, Sergey Polyakov, Viva Vox, BezousIzeta, and Aleksandr Khrisanfov. A renowned Moscow fashion stylist, Natalia Sych curated universal all-black pieces from each designer to unify the fashion presentation.

So, why should you care? Because the Russians are coming! And this is why - my three reasonings behind it:
  1. Historically, there haven't been many Russian fashion designers featured during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Weeks in New York City. They might have been a part of the European and Asian fashion scenes - the likes of Valentin Yudashkin, who often shows during Parisian and/or London's fashion weeks - but not many have been showing during the NY fashion weeks. More and more Russian fashion designers - [or those of the Russian decent] - are entering the worldwide fashion scene and we should keep an eye on them. I could name at least one Russian-American fashion designers who brought the 'Russians' back on the fashion week scene. She might be the one to "blame". I'm talking about the Russian-American designer, Irina Shabayeva, who won the Sixth Project Runway and has been showing her collections during the NY fashion weeks since then. I did a story on her, you can read it here. (And some more here.) Another one creative spirit that I could think of - is one of my personal favorites. Based in New York City, this Russian-American designer, Leonid Gurevich, whose show last Fall has surprised many of his fans and the industry players, keeps on surprising us. The place he chose for the fashion show in September 2012 alone was an interesting decision.
  2. The Russian fashion market is the most overlooked market in the world. However, more and more designers are realizing what a great potential it has. Just go to Moscow and see for yourself - there are some serious fashionistas, who have very high standards on what to wear and accessorize with. This puts a lot of pressure of the local designers to meet the demands of the growing and expanding audience of the Russian fashionistas. Everyone in the fashion industry seems to want to get a piece of that sweet 'pie' - the Russian market.
  3. These Russian fashion designers might really, really surprise you, because Russians are very inventive and creative (judging by everything fron the interior designers to graphic designer]. They are always up for some fun ideas. As I said before - Alexey Sorokin's execution of his Spring 2013 show was quite interesting.

Now, let's get to know the designers a bit to see what kind of works they've done before:

Aleksandr Khrisanfov:

Vardoui Nazarian:
Dmitry Loginov/ARSENICUM:


These are just a few to make an informal introduction into the works of the Russian fashion designers, who I'll be meeting tomorrow.

If you are very interested in the Russian fashion scene, the best guide to it is Depesha, a one of the kind Russian-American fashion/culture/lifestyle magazine in New York City that is done in two languages - Russian and English.

Check out the rest of the fashion designer line up for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show Fall 2013 here.

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