February 09, 2013

NY Fashion Week: The Vision of Russian fashion designers For Fall 2013

While the NY Fashion Week, that took place last September, feels like yesterday, the winter time brings us a rather different twist to the fashion. What do you say, when the snow storm comes to town, forcing many fabulous and fashion-friendly places in the city to close up for the after-hours? 

You put on a strong face, add an extra layer, put on your snow-proof high heel boots and try to get a taxi way before the snow-escape-seekers would do. You arrive to a runaway show in grace and with a bit of snow wetness on the sleeves of your fabulous coat and with a natural mascara smudge - the effect that usually takes you longer to achieve during a normal day routine. 
For more tips on how to stay fabulous during the NY Fashion Week, Fall 2013 and why you should take a note on the Russian fashion designers, read here:  NY Fashion Week: The Russians are coming! 

Is the black back? How about a hit of red and white? Here's what the Russian fashion designers in a mini preview for the NY press and fashionistas for Fall 2013:

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