March 12, 2013

Sexy Stilettos You'd Want This Season

Once again, I'm letting you know, what's gonna be the sexiest - [and super feminine, I must add] - to wear on your beautiful, sun-deprived feet this spring, summer and early fall. Your feet will 'thank' me!

In this post I'll give you both - the alternatives of the high fashion ankle-strap high-heel sandals from Gucci, Tibi, and Theory as well as the matching ones at an affordable price. Read more to find out, how you can make a foot statement in the Spring, Summer and Fall 2013 in the city, where the  stylish fab footwear is as important - [and essential] - as a taxi availability on a rush hour.

Here we go...
Sam Edelman Allie High Heel Sandals ($130). You can get it here.
My other sexy favorite picks are:

Tibi Carine Heel-Black Multi ($395). You can get it here.

Theory TOSCANA MINORCA HEEL ($345). You can get it here.

And I really like the new collection of ankle-strap stilettos - [or as they call it - the high-heel s-a-n-d-a-l-s] - from Gucci.

Dempsey contrast suede high-heel sandals ($650). Also available in light pink/ivory/lilac suede. You can get it here.

Ursula ankle-strap high-heel sandals ($625). Available in other colors. You can get it here.

Victoire ankle-strap high-heel sandals with squared buckle ($695). Also comes in white/turquoise green/yellow patent leather, pink. You can get it here

Sam Edelman's Allie High Hell Sandals: you can get it here.

Since not many of us, ladies, can afford a six-hundred pair of stilettos, here are the alternatives that you, most likely, will be able to afford. 

I just bought these ankle-strap high-heel sandals/stilettos from Calvin Klein, which I've been chasing for since last summer, but all the colors have been sold for months except for the blue and red ones. But now, I have it. My pick - CK Vivian for just $109 on Zappos. It's available in other colors. Click here to see your choices.

These will go so well with my stilettos collection.
In a few days, they are mine!

There's always Zara's high heel sandals.

Basic two-tone high heel sandals (only $79.90). You can get it here.

Zara's Sandal with Buckle (only $49.90). You can get it here.

More choices: for the extended list, click here to see what Zara's offering this season.

TopShop's Reim2 Skinny Strappy Sandals ($100). You can get it here
TopShop's Regal Colour Block Sandals ($110). You can get it here.

And these are just a very small list of what you can find at an affordable price, as long as you know what's in style this season!


Stiletto High Heels said...

Women adore to wear a collection of shoes, but while buying they must consider the comfort level of the shoes as it will be comfortable for them or not.

Alisa Krutovsky said...

Good point. I'm all for the comfort! I don't believe in 'suffering for fashion':)