March 15, 2013

Spring Must-Haves from J. Crew: The Spring Starts Here...

I like what's been happening at the J. Crew for the past few years. I'm glad that they recognized the need to sexy-up their assortment. While a few years ago I wouldn't even stop by their stores, now I always stop by...

The brand's image has evolved from a 'boring corporate women', 'preppy, old money men' and 'grandma essentials' to tailor to the younger and more hip and chic audience. From introducing high quality cashmere and 'lovely' colors to carrying cool Essie nail polishes and Face cosmetics and classy-chick accessories. And even though I, personally, think they are a bit over-priced, still, the change has made it more appealing for me to stop by and browse through their soft tees and classy - not over the top - bathing suits once in a while. They've been also doing a good job with the jewelry accessories and beach/summer bags. It also helped to introduce the Italian Shoe Collection, which I find very sexy and feminine - and the fact that their shoes come with a wearable heel heights.

Moreover, I've always loved their Wedding Collection. I find it simple, classy and affordable enough (not your Vera Wang ones), although, I'd always opt for David's Bridal just because it offers more variety in the styles of the dresses, as well as the accessories. [No worries, I'm not getting married any time soon...]

Here's the 'hand-picked' colorful variations for the Spring from J. Crew: to shop the full collection of Spring 2013, click here.

And always check out the "Looks We Love" section of the website, as J. Crew's doing a very good at giving an advice on how to mix and match various outfits. Here's my personal favorites from the "Looks We Love":

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