March 14, 2013

Take Me To The Village: Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

It's official, the 'It-Girls' have taken up a whole new role.

It became pretty common to use the 'It-Girls' to either design their own collection for a well-known  fashion label/brand and/or ask them to be in the ad campaign just as the same with the well-known fashion bloggers. No longer they are the girls behind a clever blog, writing as a 'ghost', but now their faces grace advertising campaigns and magazines and their opinions from the front rows of the fashion runaways are valued as much as those of the fashion stylists, editors and columnists.

Chloe Savigny is one of the 'It-Girls', whose name is very known to the New Yorkers. Savigny is an absolute New York girl, who is more known to the most New Yorkers as their neighbor and the 'It-Girl' than as an actress. She is often being referred by the New York fashion press that turns to her to 'define' the street fashion style of the New Yorkers. Just as the Alexa Chang and Olsen twins  (who are now more known as the designers at their labels The Row, Elizabeth and James, and Olsenboye, than being actresses) do. And, I must admit, I love what Olsen do at The Row and Elizabeth and James - they've rebranded themselves and no longer being referred as the 'child stars', but rather as the fashion designers.

Here's Sevigny for the Opening Ceremony - one of the New York based boutiques, so loved by the local fashionistas.

Sevigny's known to not only pull off skate-kid glamour, but she brought the sexy back to the style, which you can often spot on the Lower East Side, Williamsburg and Village of NYC. This style is not for everyone, but if you can pull it off, there's not a better style than the style of Sevigny...

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