March 25, 2013

The Monochrome Style: The White, The Black & The Mix

Trend alert! While the colors will still prevail this season, be prepared to go monochrome!

They say that once you start wearing color, it's rather difficult to go back to the whites and blacks. However, the white and black colors - and the combination of the two - have gotten quite an exposure on the runaways around the world this season. And it doesn't only involve the clothing - you will also see it in accessories, shoes, and nail polish.

The black/white stripes and the black/white mixes or, as we call it in the industry - the monochrome style - has become a 'talk of the town', when the major fashion designers presented their 2013 collections. Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Wang, DKNY, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren - are just a few designers, whose collections featured black and white combinations.

Yes, prepare to see a lot of people in the spring, summer and fall wearing the monochrome colors - whites, blacks and the mixes. 

And here's the whites, blacks and mixes I found for my wardrobe last weekend.

The monochrome skirt and white shirt:
 And with the long white shirt:
 Printed Mini Skirt With Frill, Zara.

You can buy this skirt here and the white blouse here.

The black pants and the white shirt affair:
You can get the (left) white short sleeve shirt here.

You can buy the (left) white shirt here and the (right) white shirt here. The black pants are my own.

The monochrome shirt with the white and black pants:
You can get the white pants here. For more monochrome shirts, click here.

The combined dress: a white polka-dot sheer top with a faux leather skirt:
And some other dresses to consider: a striped crossover dress ($59.90), faux leather combination dress (79.90), dess with ruffle hem ($89.90), combination stripped dress ($59.90), printed draped dress ($89.90), tunic dress ($79.90), combined print dress ($49.90)

And if you are into the jumpsuits, consider these ones: jumpsuit with braces at the back ($79.90) and/or striped combination jumpsuit ($79.90)

Or, embraced it fully and get the animal print tunic ($49.90) that has it all. And don't forget to accessorize. Get this two-tone geometric necklace ($29.90) and two-tone beaded and embroidered woman's wallet ($49.90).

And, of course, the shoes! You've got to have the shoes!
Braided Platform Sandals, you can get it here.
You can get the stilettos with ankle strap here.

You can get all the items above at the Zara stores, as well as online. By the way, I can assure you that if not Zara, pretty much any self respected brand that cares about the fashion trends would carry an array of the monochrome clothes and accessories.

White is the new black and black is just the eternal black that will never go out of style - it's just reaffirmed its status once again. The white/black mixes have been reinvented and re-emerged, competing with the color patterns this season. 

Here are a few black/white looks from the recent fashion shows:

And it doesn't only concern the women's fashion, the men's fashion is seeing a whole lot of the monochrome styles, especially the whites:

And this is the items you might consider adding to your wardrobe this season:

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