March 07, 2013

Timeless Denim: The Denim I'm Craving For This Season

Just accept it - the denim look will never ever go away. Your parents wore it, you wear it, your kids will wear it and your grandchildren will wear it too - [hence, never throw the denims out, because, guess what? the denim fashion is like a life circle, it goes around and it always comes around.]

Jeans/denim is so much a part of our lives that there's no way we'd ever give it up. So, taken that denim is the classic, timeless trend - [just as Chanel will always be] - here's a few of my favorites among the new denims for the Spring, Summer and Fall/2013.

An uptown-chic denim shirt dress from Donna Karan: you can get it here.

A Le Skinny de Jeanne mid-rise skinny jeans from Frame Denim: you can get it here.

Patch Casey Jeans from All Saints: you can get it here.

UJ jeans from Uniqlo: you can get it here, as low as $9.95, and other great %%% off deals...

And never, ever question the flexibility of their skinny/stretch jeans, because, they'll prove they are - and in a very creative way too:

And don't even get me started on the denims from Diesel - it'd be a tragedy for my bank account, if I choose to stop by one of their NYC stores this Spring, because that's what's going to happen... I wouldn't be leaving the store empty-handed.

The new comers and new addition to the Diesel denim collection is the Jogg Jeans: it's not for everyone, but if you can pull it off, go for it! Like many of you, I could have never thought that I'd pull of the denim Harem look, but to my greatest surprise - not only I found the perfect harem denim jeans - at the Diesel and at a store new Milan, can't remember the name, but they grew on me big time!

But it's not the Diesel denim pants I'm looking forward to the most: it's the footwear and bags!

Their new denim footwear and bags collection is an absolute delight and could definitely match any of the above mentioned clothing items - it'd go as well with the DK shirt dress, as it'd go great with the All Saints skinnies: you can get it here. For men's footwear, click here.

Here are my absolute fav and top picks for Diesel's denim collection:

1. The denim wedges Kloey and Zoey:

Zoey wedges
Kloey wedges. You can get them here.

 2. The denim bags Divina Medium and Karme!

Divina Medium (left). You can get it here.
Karme. You can get it here.
I better start saving right now, but it might be too late now, apparently the new denim collection go very fast!

And the denim shirts will also always be around and in style, as well as the denim-on-denim look.

What denims are you looking forward to this Spring/Summer and Fall 2013? How often do you update your denim wardrobe?

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