March 14, 2013

What's Trending Right Now? Is The White The New Black?

White shoes!

They are so hot, hot, hot, hot, hot right now... white sneakers, white pumps, white wedges, white booties, white stilettos, white sandals - it's just so damn trending this season!

So, who should we blame and/or thank for this trend? Well, there are at least a few designers who we should 'blame' for the white footwear trend for Spring/Summer/Fall 2013:

Alexander Wang:

This is a really questionable shoe style...

Karl Lagerfeld:



Get them, while it's still hot!

Got mine last Monday, waiting on the delivery any minute now! And even though they are not completely white, but more as in the very light beige color, nevertheless, they'll do it for me. My Calvin Klein's high heel sandals:

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