April 16, 2013

My Daily Inspiration: The Brevity, Compassion & Support

It must be the Spring, or the fact that there are so many people around me getting hitched, engaged and, some even - married. It must be the Spring, it must!

Spring is a wonderful season - when it's the real Spring, and not what the New Yorkers had in March, which felt more like late fall slash winter. But now when it's warmer and people are out and about the city, wearing less clothing and more heels and accessories, the feel of the Spring sun, warmer breeze from Hudson, the scent of the tulips that seem to become a choice of the Spring flowers this season, the tree blossoms of all kinds and longer days inspire to be inspired.

This said, I'm being inspired daily, and I'd like to share with you what inspires me today. And it's not about fashion, arts, or fitness, it is more about the people...

The brevity of Boston residents - from younger to older - the Bostonians, who survived the horrendous terrorist attack yesterday. Those, who are now helping the others who weren't as lucky. 

Kudos to everyone in Boston and to those around the world who expressed their support for the injured  innocent people and for those, who died. 

Kudos to those who have been donating blood to help the injured. 

Kudos to everyone, who spent at least a few minutes in silence to pay the tribute to the ones who have suffered the lost.

This is not the best time for everyone in America, because when one city hurts, it's like a nerve that runs through the whole body being pinched in one place, but aches in so many other places. It hurts us all, because we are as vulnerable as the Bostonians were.

New Yorkers have been taking precautions, but that does not stop them from taking the public transportation and visiting the overcrowded areas of the city, because there are not as many choices available for the alternatives, when one lives in such a big city as NYC. 

NYC, 8 hours ago:

NYC, 4 hours ago:

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