April 18, 2013

My New Choice For The Spring/Summer Scent

One of my new scent choices for the Spring and Summer this year is Chanel "Chance".

It proudly joined my scent hall of fame this week.

The other ones that I'm liking right now - [and in the case of Stella McCartney's "Stella" - I've been one of the very first users of it from 2005 and on] are: 

Dior's J'adore Eau de Parfum. You can get it here.
Marc Jacob's Dot. You can get it here.
Hugo Boss Nuit. It does not sell in Sephora - I bought it at the Duty Free in Frankfurt last year, but you can get it here.

And I have a strong feeling that I would have to share it with Chester - [my Scottish Fold]:

 What's your choice for the scent/perfume this season?

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