April 18, 2013

Shoe Obsession: The shoes' exhibit to explore the effect on culture and design

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the upcoming exhibit "Shoe Obsession" at the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC that offers great fashion-related events every month, and most of which are free and only require a registration online to secure a free spot. I've been looking forward to this event for weeks, and was eager to 'get my hands on' the history of the shoe design and learn the 'concept, idea, and interest' behind the design of the shoes and boots that have been influencing our tastes in the shoe fashion and our choices for the footwear to wear for years.

The truth is that no many fashionistas would admit that they have no knowledge in the subject matter they appreciate so much and choose to 'chase' after.

Many people appreciate a good [unique] design of a shoe, but only a few know what historic moments affected certain designs of the shoes and who and/or what influenced particular design of a shoe. That is why when the Museum at the FIT in NYC presented the exhibit "Shoe Obsession", it was instantly sold out. I almost didn't get it, but I came to the morning tour of the exhibit and they had an opening for me, especially due to the fact that I'm writing for a column for one of the biggest news site: Examiner.com.

The exhibit - to say the least - blew up my mind! I always had a 'fetish' for the beautiful, and most often - unique, weird - shoe design - from Tibi's split-toe shoes (originally created for the workers in Japan) to the thigh high boots, but little did I know how these designs came around. The "Shoe Obsession" exhibit did a great justice to the history of the shoe design and I soaked it up for all of you who had no chance to see it. So, here is it: Shoe Obsession: The shoes' exhibit to explore the effect on culture and design.

And there were quite a few shoe fashionistas in the crowd, who I've overheard saying that they haven't been to such an event ever before, despite the fact that they have an idea or two about the shoe fashion.

Like I said, I try not to miss these fab FREE events at the Museum at FIT. I'm already looking forward to the next Thursday's all-day event - Fashion Symposium/Cross-Pollination: Fashion and Technology, for which I've registered weeks ago. As of today, the event is sold out, but you can still try to see if they'd opened up a few free spots on the day of the event. [Tip: if you come on the day of the event, most likely you will be able to get in].

The Fashion Symposium will feature the scholars and fashion insiders explore the links between fashion and technology from multiple perspectives in this half-day symposium. Bradley Quinn, a well-known consultant and publisher in the fashion industry and author of Techno Fashion, The Fashion of Architecture, UltraMaterials, Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge, Design Futures, Fashion Futures and the forthcoming Textile Visionaries, is the keynote speaker. Other speakers include Steve Zades, creator of the Odyssey Project on Imaginative Intelligence; Suzanne Lee, fashion designer and director of The BioCouture Research Project; and Sabine Seymour, Chief Creative Officer of Moondial.

Examining the convergence of fashion, design, science, and technology, the speakers cover such topics as the future of bio-based materials in fashion, the development of fashionable wearables, and the innovative potential of collaborations between creative artists and technical specialists.

The Fashion and Technology symposium is a collaboration between The Museum at FIT and the School of Graduate Studies at FIT supported in part by the FIT Student-Fauclty Corp.

And, again, if you can't make it, I'll tell you all about it!

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