April 01, 2013

The Power of a Season-less Parka

Not yet, not yet - the Spring is only about to come and it's not like spring, summer and fall are rain-free seasons. So, while you are updating your wardrobe for the next seasons to come, don't give up on a thought of having that one perfect parka that can serve you during the multiple seasons. Here's how New Yorkers wearing it:

Based on my overall observations of the NY hipsters and fashionistas, the most happening parka this season is the dark green parka with and/or without a detail. It's worn the classical way - all dark green (camouflage) and in a different length with a bit of detail to add that 'oomph' factor. The most popular detail of any coat - including parkas - this season is, by far - the leather details, whether it leather sleeves, a leather hood, and/or leather pockets. 

Other details that are seen on a parka this season are - the quill's patterns and faux fur trims. The faux fur details are more popular on a heavier (warmer) parkas, though. 

The length of the parkas in style are -  the hip length and the above-the-knee lengths, although, more and more people are opted to wear short parkas that look like jackets.

Parkas are not for women only. I see many New York men wearing parkas.  However, while both men and women seem to be wearing parkas, men, usually, opt for a parka-blazer and/or a zip-up jacket, like this one below, in the combination with a dark color jeans and/or military pants:

Here's just a few variations of parka spotted on the streets of New York City:

Of course, you don't want a parka with a fur hood for the spring and summer, so you want to opt for a lighter one. Here are just a few choices for you. Whatever you'd pick - if you pick - from this list, it a sort of timeless jacket that can serve you for years to come. It's like a Chanel bag - it never goes out of style.

Here are a few from Zara that offers quite a variety of parkas this season:

  1. COMBINATION LEATHER PARKA ($189.00). You can get it here.
  2. STUDDED JACKET WITH POCKETS ($89.90). You can get it here.
  3. HOODED PARKA WITH GUSSETED POCKETS ($79.90). You can get it here.
  4. PARKA WITH COLLAR ENCLOSURE ($89.90). You can get it here
  5. SLOUCHY PARKA ($79.90). You can get it here.

And here are a few more parka choices from other brands:

  1. ASOS Parka With Fur Trim Hood($133). You can get it here
  2. Alpha Industries Fishtail Parka with Faux Fur Trim Hood ($340). You can get it here.
  3. Caitlynn Hooded Canvas Parka ($80). You can get it here.
  4. Tommy Hilfiger Jacket, Hooded Fatigue Parka ($120). You can get it here
  5. Theory Everet M Parka ($365). You can get it here.
  6. TOPSHOP Unlined Parka ($120). You can get it here.  
  7. DKNY Leather sleeve utility parka ($903). You can get it here.
  8. Burberry Brit Satin-twill packaway parka, Burberry Brit ($795). You can get it here.

And if you are tired of a classic look and looking for that 'omph' effect to add to your parker this spring and fall, try these ones: 

ASOS Contrast Jersey Parka ($124.69). You can get it here.

Or this one from ASOS.com: Limited Edition Jaquard Panelled Parka ($209), on sale! It was $299. You can get it here.

Or, this one - Surface to Air Fly Parka ($910). You can get it here.

For a quills-meet-military look, go with Free People Golden Quills Military Parka ($298). You can get it here.

So, what's your parka wish?

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