April 18, 2013

Trending Alert: The Bright Sneakers Crush

I'm loving my new Reebok for three reasons:

  1. The bright color of blue and red orange not only sets me in a good mood, but, surprisingly enough, it goes with absolutely everything.
  2. They are absolutely comfortable, to the point that they do not feel on the feet as well - tested it by walking around the city, covering miles and miles of the territory.
  3. They bring a nostalgic feeling as my very first fancy sneakers when I was a teenager living in Moscow, Russia were Reebok - [my dad brought them from one of his very first trips abroad to Austria in the early 90s). This pair almost looks like those ones, which were in a more subtle color.
You can buy yours here.

Try to be brighter this season. Don't be afraid of wearing bright colors. If you feel uncomfortable to wearing all brights, try to pair the brights with the subtle and/or dark colors. Here are just a few ideas of how to wear the bright sneakers:

1 comment:

Tahlia said...

I have a pair of cherry red adidas high tops that I haven't given any pavement time to because I had no idea what to wear! Thanks for the post - it really helped!! :)